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Shining TR series DIN Rail mount terminal blocks. Rated voltage:600V, Rated Current: 10A~40A. Apply DIN Rail:35mm
Item No.: TR-10, TR-20, TR-30, TR-40. Characteristics: Fast installation and release.

Item No.

TR-10 TR-20 TR-30 TR-40

TR series Product Picture

Specifications   TR series terminal blocks

TR series terminal blocks Drawing

Total Length L [mm] 9*n+3 11*n+3 13*n+3 15*n+3
Ref. Length L1 [mm] 9*n 11*n 13*n 15*n
Gap A [mm] 7.5 8.5 10 12
Pitch B [mm] 9 11 13 15
Width W [mm] 42
Height H [mm] 30
Screw C M3 M4 M4 M5
Rated Torque [N-m] 0.5 1.2 1.2 2.0
Rated Torque [in-lb] 4.4 10.6 10.6 17.7
Poles / Positions (P) Any  (n: the Number of P)
Electrical Specifications  
Rated Volt  [V]


Rated Current [A] 10 20 30 40
Wire Size  [mm2] 1.6 mm2 4.0 mm2 6.0 mm2 10 mm2
Wire Size  [AWG] AWG 16 AWG 12 AWG 10 AWG 8
Insulator Materials PC
Color Black  (White, Blue, Red, Brown, ...)
Flame Retarded Grade UL94V-2  (UL94V-0)
Temperature [0C]

-400C~+1100C (Max: +2200C)

Conductor Brass, Nickel Plated 
(Copper, Tin Plated)
Accessories & Parts

 Paper Marker Strips & Transparent Cover come with products for free.  Others are optional.
 Protective Cover is optional for the alternative of Transparent Cover.

End Plate TR-10EP TR-20EP TR-30EP TR-40EP  
End Clamp TE-002, TA-002, (TA-002H), TF-ECL, (TF-ECH)
DIN Mount Rail TA-001A, TA-001S (35mm DIN Rail)
Protective Cover M-PCV-S015 M-PCV-S025 M-PCV-A010 M-PCV-A010
Transparent Cover M-CV-010
Paper Marker Strip M-MKS-010 (-XXX: Length)
Mounting Rod [mm] M-MRD-010S (-XXX: Length)
Remarks Ex: TR-30-07P (7 poles assembly of TR-30)

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